Canoe Safari

Canoe Safari in Satpura National Park

Boat rides and safaris are another unique activity at the Satpura Tiger Reserve. The Denwa river which flows into the mammoth tawa dam some 16 Km downstream, attracts several bird species and is home to a number of Indian Fresh Water Crocodile. Patrons can enjoy the majestic view of the Satpura Range of Hills while enjoying a leisurely boat cruise. Upstream from the camp there is a nallah called Son Bhadra, which flows down all the way from Panchmari. The Son Bhadra view point, which is accessible by boat, provides an excellent view of the valley it flows down through. Boat Safaris are ideal for a leisurely evening of bird watching, crocodile spotting and are also perfect for soaking in the beauty of a canopy forest view with the Satpura Hills in the background and the sun glittering over the Denwa River in the opposite direction while it makes its way down before darkness sets in.

On the season (2010-11), the park has introduced canoeing to its already diverse itinerary of activities. Canoeing is an absolute delight. A canoeing excursion is a must for any nature lover. The calmness of water, interrupted occasionally by the honking of Bar Headed Geese or the deafening screeches of a Black Ibis while drifting in narrow creaks observing hordes of grazing herbivores on the shores, is a mouth watering treat in itself. And, where there are herbivores in an Indian forest, there will be carnivores! There is always a possibility of witnessing the unexpected.