How to Reach

How to Reach Satpura Tiger Reserve

This park should be reached in the three modes of the travel such the road, train and flight, which are discussed below on how to reach satpura tiger reserve.

By road:

The Satpura National park is close to Pachmarhi hill station, which is simple to reach via road from the major city like Chindwara, Bhopal, Nagpur and much nearly a point.

By train:

You can find railway station in order to reach the Satpura tiger reserve area which found about 20 km from the national park. Even it is a small station, which connects number of the long route, which is easy to reach. There is another better option to reach the park by the pipariya railway station, which is about 45 km.

By flight:

In the Bhopal city, the airport help you reach the Satpura national park, which has a distance up to 190 km and it take more than 40 hours to reach the park even there is a direct flight form Mumbai, Delhi to reach the park. Additionally, the best option is to reach the park via Jabalpur airport, which is about 265 km, and take 5: 30 hrs. There is one more option to reach the Satpura national park is via the Nagpur airport, which is about 330 km, but connect with the Delhi, Hyderabad, and Dubai. Therefore, the visitor can hire the right choice to reach the park without meeting any trouble with it. The visitor can prefer any type of transport mode to reach at any time.

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