Weather of Satpura National Park

The months of October & November that mark the start of the Indian wildlife season are mild months in terms of weather. Days are warm & nights get cooler but are not anywhere close to cold. A light wind-cheater should suffice in these months.

The months from December to February are characterized by cold mornings & evenings, where guests are requested to come well prepared with good pullovers, a wind proof jacket, a warm hat & some mittens that will keep you more than comfortable during the day time. Minimum temperatures can drop down to 4-5 oC. Days are pleasant during this time, with average temperatures ranging between 18-25 oC. March is again a mild month, in terms of weather, and is characterized by warm days & cool nights. Months from April to June are hot, during these temperature in the day-time can average over 40 oC & guests should ideally carry summer clothes.

How to Reach Satpura Tiger Reserve

Wildlife Sanctuary Map